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Since1972, Cor-Ben Consultants has been a full-service Third Party Administrator (TPA) and health insurance benefits agency. We are committed to service and a staff member is always available when you call.  Additionally, we offer voluntary insurance products, which allow you to offer employees ancillary benefits such as vision and dental coverage without any employer contribution required.




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We know the changes happening in Healthcare and how they are impacting employers and employees. We'll help you understand the options and do the heavy lifting.

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Gregg Mann 

What sets Gregg apart is his passion for empowering business owners with the education and tools necessary to create the highest quality benefit programs.  Being able to make a difference is his motivation for the client's success.

Gregg's philosophy is that communication is the key to a good business relationship, not only within the office but especially with his clients.  Listening to your needs and putting them into action is the goal for Gregg’s relationship with his clients.

Gregg joined Cor-Ben in 1986. In 2006, he took over as sole owner.

He can be reached at: 



account manager

Joelle Burwell

Joelle has worked for Cor-Ben since 1994 and is a licensed agent.  She is an Account Manager, with extensive knowledge of both group and individual benefits.

Joelle provides clients with quoting and plan information that includes all lines of coverage available;  medical, dental, vision, life, short and long term disability, voluntary life and other voluntary benefits.

Her years of experience make her a valuable resource not only for her depth of product information but also for her wealth of understanding of our clients, their history with Cor-Ben, and ensuing personal connections. 

She can be reached at:



office manager

Missy Jacob

Missy has worked for Cor-Ben since 2000.  In addition to providing day-to-day client services, she also administers COBRA Continuation, provides client billing services and manages the office.

Missy’s background is HR with an emphasis on compliance, budgeting, recruitment and benefits administration, and she is able to assist our clients with HR questions or concerns.

She can be reached at:



claims administrator

Cindy Roby

Cindy has worked for Cor-Ben for more than ten years.  Her prior experience included working for Cigna Health Life Insurance Company.

Cindy’s area of expertise is claims.  Any client or employees may contact Cindy directly for assistance with a myriad of issues.  These include, but are not limited to, prior authorization, step therapy, claim filing, appeals, claim processing questions.  By an employee working with Cindy directly, an employer avoids HIPAA issues by removing themselves from sensitive health information.

She provides our clients and their employees with immediate access to better understanding of their benefits, quick answers to questions, making sure desired providers are in-network.  This sets the stage for optimum benefits utilization.

Cindy can be reached at:


TPA administrator

Kellie Mann

Kellie has worked for Cor-Ben for more than 25 years.  

She handles all aspects of our Third Party relationships which include self-insured deductible plans, FSA and Dependent Care plans.  

Kellie provides our clients with all related documents, making sure every aspect of compliance is maintained.

She can be reached at: