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The American Health Care Act. Is it the answer to Obamacare?


We have all been on pins and needles waiting for a detailed description of the plan President Trump and congressional conservatives have created to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. 

Well, the cat’s out of the bag.  Earlier this week, new legislation was introduced.  Let’s look and what’s in and what’s out. 

Some of the key elements of this legislation are:

- An elimination of the individual and employer mandate penalties.

- Expanded limits on health-care savings accounts.

- Loosens age-rating requirements.

- Repeal of Medicaid expansion.

- Repeal of Obamacare taxes.

- New tax credits would replace exchange subsidies driven by age vs. income.

The introduction of the House bill is one in a long tedious process, so keep checking back so we can keep you informed along the way.

Daniel Elbaz